r.s.p Glamour Hammer 500ml

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50r.s.p. Glamour Hammer 500ml

Glamour Hammer is the blockbuster amongst the cleaning agents. Frees your bike from stubborn dirt and protects your bike against corrosion. Use the spray gun for quick and efficient cleaning of your bike. 

It's easy: Spray your dry bike with Glamour Hammer and remove the dirt while using sufficient quantities of water. Glamour Hammer protects the surface of your bike. 

Your are nearly finished: Now lubricate your chain and derailleur with r.s.p. Ceramic Dynamic, r.s.p. Glide&Slide or r.s.p. chain oils. 


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r.s.p Glamour Hammer 500ml

r.s.p Glamour Hammer 500ml

r.s.p. Glamour Hammer 500ml

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