r.s.p. Muddy Buddy 500ml

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3.6r.s.p. Muddy Buddy - Bike Cleaner Biodegradable

Muddy Buddy is the powerful, biodegradable cleaner for your bike. Gets rid of dirt and provides your bike with ultra-shine in no time. Use the spray pistol to clean your bike quickly and efficiently. 

It's easy: Spray your bike with Muddy Buddy, wait for 2-3 minutes and then clean it using sufficient quantities of water. Your bike will shine after drying. 

You are nearly finished: Now lubricate your chain and derailleur with r.s.p. Ceramic Dynamic, r.s.p. Glide & Slide or r.s.p. chain oils. 

Muddy Buddy protects your bike and the environment. Biodegradable according to OECD standard. 


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r.s.p. Muddy Buddy 500ml

r.s.p. Muddy Buddy 500ml

r.s.p. Muddy Buddy - Bike Cleaner Biodegradable

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