r.s.p. Slick Kick 50mg

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r.s.p. Slick Kick 50mg

Slick Kick is a lithium - free special grease for lubricating shock absorbers and forks. Slick Kick brings speed and ease of movement to your forks and shock absorbers on trails that demand high performance. Our grease has been developed together with innovative suspension manufacturers and the r.s.p. 4Cross Team. 

It's easy: Apply Slick Kick generously to all moving parts and seals when servicing shock absorbers and forks. 

Slick Kick provides top performance for your bike. 


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r.s.p. Slick Kick 50mg

r.s.p. Slick Kick 50mg

r.s.p. Slick Kick 50mg  - Special Grease

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