r.s.p. Jacky Chain 500ml

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50.s.p. Jacky Chain - Chain Cleaner

For a perfectly clean chain, Jacky Chain is your cleaning agent. Gets rid of oil, grease and even bothersome resin deposits. 

Also creates a film as corrosion protection and prepares the chain optimally for subsequent greasing. 

It's easy: For optimal results apply Jacky Chain directly to your bike using our r.s.p. chain cleaning device. 

Alternatively: Moisten a cloth sufficiently with Jacky Chain and allow the mounted chain to run through the cloth.

Your are nearly finished: Now lubricate your chain and derailleur with r.s.p. Ceramic Dynamic, Glide&Slide or r.s.p. chain oils. 


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r.s.p. Jacky Chain 500ml

r.s.p. Jacky Chain 500ml

r.s.p. Jacky Chain - Chain Cleaner

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